CF-L1 Coach-NASM Personal Trainer


CF-L1 Coach-NASM Personal Trainer


Laura grew up in Pleasant Garden, NC, where she attended and graduated from Southeast Guilford High School. She attended Elon College and graduated with a BA in English Education. After teaching English for 17+ years, Laura left the classroom and began a focus on personal health and nutrition studies leading to her present work.

Laura knows the struggle of yo-yo dieting, starting a program only to give up, and feeling lost and intimidated in a gym. In 2012, she began her own journey improving her health after facing her own poor nutritional and health choices and depression. This was compounded by having watched multiple family member’s debilitation due to obesity, chronic health conditions, and poor nutritional habits. In 2017, her training with Jody transformed her life and inspired her to use her experience to help others. 35 pounds lighter, able to do more at 40+ than at 20+, Laura got her personal training certification and PN1 health coaching certification to help others affect the transformations they desire.

Laura works closely with the individual to create a plan for mind, body and soul. You can love yourself, love how you feel, have energy for whatever life throws at you and know that because you are working hard now, later will also be amazing. Incredible Life Fitness, LLC., is about just that-living your most incredible life!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • TRX Certified
  • PN1 Exercise Nutrition Coach
  • Gymnastics Certified