Olympic Weightlifting Training Course

  • Olympic Weightlifting Classes in Greensboro NC, Olympic Weightlifting Classes in Kernersville NC, Olympic Weightlifting Classes near Winston-Salem NC

Olympic Weightlifting Course

This Olympic lifting course is designed for those who want to improve upon their basic foundational movement and lifting skills, or are interested in the sport of Olympic lifting for fun, competition or in preparation for other sports. This course is also designed so that a new beginner can learn and work techniques to successfully perform all Olympic lifts and the athletes that want to improve upon what they already know can fine tune their skills. Course participants will learn the Olympic lifting movements in detail, incorporate drills for each lift, and analyze their techniques. In the course you will also develop functional strength through the incorporation of squats, pulls, dead lifts and presses.

Olympic Weightlifting is acknowledged by athletes far and wide as a potent and effective tool in training for speed and power. Unfortunately many athletes and trainers shy away from using the lifts due to the complexity of the movements, and many athletes never reach their full potential in these lifts due to faulty mechanics.

This course is offered in our FOUNDATIONS CLASS and will consist of 6 – 60 minute sessions with a focus on both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk movements. Participants will be taken step-by-step through the progressions of each lift by CrossFit Level 1 and USAW Sport Performance Level I Coach, Jody Bullard.

  • CLEAN: power clean, squat clean
  • CLEAN: power clean, clean, start clean and jerk
  • CLEAN: max on power clean
  • SNATCH: snatch, power snatch
  • SNATCH: review snatch: OHS
  • SNATCH: max on snatch
  • Olympic Weightlifting Training in Greensboro NC, Olympic Weightlifting Training in Kernersville NC, Olympic Weightlifting Training near Winston-Salem NC

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