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The ILF Wellness Center is focused and determined to help teach & lead people into a sound holistic lifestyle that promotes health & wellness like no other found in Greensboro NC. Our Wellness Center offers a massage therapy clinic that focuses on these things… relaxation, rehabilitation, and restoration through our many types of massage packages offered. We also offer “sports specific” massage therapy for the serious athlete who needs to get back in the game fast. We have a licensed ACUPUNCTURE therapist on staff with over 10 years of experience in helping athletes ranging from professional to recreational stay healthy and in the game. We also have a NUTRITIONAL VITAMIN STORE that carries all natural vitamins. Our products include…. MG12 Magnesium, GARDEN OF LIFE garden based proteins and vitamins, EAT THE BEAR grass fed based proteins and vitamins, RX FIT AID power drinks, and other ALL NATURAL brands. Come experience INCREDIBLE LIFE FITNESS WELLNESS CENTER today! We call it ILF-NATION for a reason!

The Practitioner

Robert Bradley LA.c, LMBT, BA

Robert has 15 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Robert went in search of a real Tai Chi & Qigong Master who knew the internal aspects of the art built on the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Although he ended up studying with several teachers, he ultimately became a disciple of Grand Master David Chin and the Sin Tien Wu Qi Qi Gong system. He later graduated from Blue Cliff College Metarie, eventually becoming faculty, and began a career in massage, specializing in sports massage: rehab, recovery, and prevention. It was during this time that he developed his own techniques that were proven to eliminate pain and discomfort from structural and postural dysfunction or acute and chronic soft tissue injury for both the athlete and non-athlete alike. He later graduated from the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine’s 4 year practitioner program finally earning an Acupuncture license. He believes the mind-body is a complex interface that can be guided toward balance with appropriate nutrition, herbal stimulation, physical touch, and movement.

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